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All of our jars and bottles are BPA free and reusable! All of our products are animal cruelty free. We take pride in using plant based fragrances. Did you know we have a jar restock program where you can mail in your old jars for a discounted price? Order under The Honey Butta Collection.


Join us on the journey of

self love.

At Tickle My Fancy Body Care, it’s our mission to moisturize, love, and sweeten your skin from the inside out.  Our product intentions are to promote an abundance of self love while using all natural chemical free ingredients to promote holistic product awareness. 

*During the summer months there is a chance that your Honey Buttas may melt and some Honey Buttas may occasionally have a few lumps.* 

DO NOT PURCHASE if this will be an issue for you! 


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For your virtual physical therapy:

Dr. Marlon Jant Dr. Marlon Jant, PT, DPT, CFT, SFN, CSCS 

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