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The Birth of

Tickle My Fancy

body care

Tickle My Fancy Body Care is owned and operated by a mother and daughter team duo, ShaKirah and Emony.  Mixing products together to create the perfect medicine has never been second nature to the CEO ShaKirah. As a teenager ShaKirah had her own clever ways to heal her skin by mixing in coconut oil, vaseline, and shea butter to her favorite top brand moisturizers. Moving from country life to city life and her skin being exposed to chlorine daily, she began to resort back to her old methods, but this time around she had new tricks up her sleeve.  She began to be drawn to all the benefits of honey and incorporated honey on her skin as a daily regimen along with Shea Butter and Coconut oil.  This new mixture became the medicine for her eczema and it was then "Honey Butta" was born.  ShaKirah is a Behavior Therapist by day and also a Master Reiki practitioner, in which she incorporates in all of the products. 

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